clus·ter /ˈkləstər/ noun | a group of early-stage companies sharing complementary markets and selected for optimal collaboration, revenue potential and efficiency.

A Cluster Approach

We group and develop startups by a market focus area — or ‘Cluster’ — that we’ve identified as aligned with our thesis. This allows us to efficiently leverage key talent, industry relationships, expertise, and operational support provide the most traction and value for each startup. Additionally, a cluster approach creates an optimized ecosystem of strong product relationships and other business advantages that drive growth between startups.

Current Clusters

Native Engagement

Cluster One

Cluster One consists of five startups focused on the next generation of native advertising and consumer engagement. Going beyond programmatic exchanges based on legacy ad placements, Cluster One looks at the confluence of brands, social media, content creators, and enthusiast communities to drive scalable, individually targeted engagement and digital currency.

Incubation completed.

App-Driven Commerce

Cluster Two

Cluster Two is focused on mobile apps and technologies that drive real-world commerce. As new payment platforms, social data and buyer behavior become more prevalent, the separation between traditional businesses and digitally-driven transactions will dissolve. Cluster Two incubates apps, integrated services and platforms that can develop this opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses and local commerce.

Incubation completed.

Data Augmented Reality

Cluster Three

Cluster Three is focused on the convergence of digital devices and data in everyday situations. Specifically, the proactive and actionable application of big data and intelligence to contextually impact the daily lives of consumers and businesses. Cluster 3 presents meaningful applications within IoT, mobile commerce, and digital health.

Incubation completed.